It is important for all businesses to undertake the correct training to help prevent fires. This course will prepare the candidate to take on the roles and responsibilities of a fire warden including simple risk assessment, monitoring procedures, good housekeeping controls and what is required of them during an emergency situation

Key course features

  • Certificated qualification
  • Engaging teaching methods including practical fire extinguisher demonstration, video, group exercises and discussion
  • Ongoing theoretical and practical assessment throughout the course with a short multiple choice examination at the end of the course
  • Fire Safety manual included for every candidate

Topics covered

  • Course content includes:
  • The principles of fire protection
  • The principles of fire prevention
  • The fire triangle
  • Sources of ignition/sources of fuel
  • Basic fire risk assessment
  • The principles of fire behavior and spread
  • Monitoring and good housekeeping
  • What to do in a fire emergency situation
  • Evacuation and role call
  • Practical fire extinguisher demo (optional)

Key facts

  • Course duration: 4 hours
  • Maximum number of learners: 16
  • Certificate validity: recommend refresh every 3 Years

From £245.00 for up to 8 candidates (£295.00 with live practical fire extinguisher demonstration)

Extra candidates at £15.00 per candidate, max 16 ( if extinguisher training is required, numbers over 8 candidates add £50.00 charge for extra extinguishers)

Fire Safety

Someone trained in Fire Safety is vital for every workplace to direct employees safely in the event of a fire.

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