Candidates will learn about the principles and practice of Fire Safety management and control and the roles and responsibilities of the nominated fire marshal/warden. The course will cover the science and theory behind how fires start, how they develop and how they can spread quickly.
This course is designed to give candidates the knowledge, skills and confidence to put preventative measures in place and to act safely in the event of a fire.

Who is it for?

We believe it is important for all businesses to undertake the correct training to help prevent fires. This course is suitable for staff in a supervisory role, but could benefit anyone, as they will learn how to help prevent fires in the workplace and the steps that need to be taken if a fire was to occur.

Key course features

  • High quality Fire Safety training
  • Engaging teaching from fully qualified trainers
  • Level 2 Fire Safety handbook for all candidates

Topics covered

  • The principles of Fire Safety
  • The hazards and risks associated with fire in the workplace
  • An understanding of the principles and practice of the fire safety management at work
  • An understanding of what the role of fire warden entails

Key facts

  • Course duration: 6 hours
  • Maximum number of learners: No maximum (Venue and resources must be adequate)
  • Certificate validity: 3 years

From £295.00 for up to 6 candidates

Extra candidates at £17.50 per candidate, max 16

Fire Safety

Someone trained in Fire Safety is vital for every workplace to direct employees safely in the event of a fire.

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