Who is the course for?

Candidates will be given the knowledge and understanding to understand all processes from purchase to service and how the presence of allergens can easily contaminate other foods at all stages in the journey of the food including purchase, delivery, storage, preparation and handling, through to service or display .

Candidates will learn how they can effectively remove potential hazards or control the risks to customers, they will be given the tools and knowledge needed to be able to implement measures and safe working procedures to be able to control these hazards at every stage.

Key course features

  • High-quality classroom based food safety training
  • Highly qualified and experienced trainers who understand the food industry
  • All course materials provided

Topics covered

These include the different roles in ensuring that food ingredients and allergens are effectively managed, the characteristics of food allergies, procedures relating to the accurate communication of ingredient information, from supplier to consumer, hygiene considerations with regard to allergen and ingredient control, and procedures relating to the control of contamination and cross contamination of allergenic ingredients.

Key facts

  • Course duration: 1-day classroom plus 2 hours’ pre-course work
  • Maximum number of learners: No maximum if venue and resources are suitable
  • Certificate validity: 3 years

From £470.00 for up to 6 candidates

Extra candidates at £35.00 per candidate, max 12

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